Dafi Kühne


Invitation poster for open days at my studio. Printed in 4 print runs from hand cut linoleum, pantograph cut wood elements, pantograph cut plastic type and some metal type. Welcome!

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Environment, 90g/m2
Januar 2018, edition of 280 posters on a FAG Control 900

heute geöffnet / morgen geschlossen

Invitation poster for open studios of local artists organized by Kunsthaus Glarus. Printed with a wood block, some lasercut type and some ludlow slugs.

Format: 42×59.4cm
Paper: Plano Art, 130g/m2
January 2018, edition of 100 posters on a FAG Control 900

What a mess.

New year’s card/poster/big sheet of paper for Puls AG from Basel. The plan was to send out a very big piece of paper with the message «paperless»… While «paperless» has been proclaimed for the last 20 years, it still hasn’t completely fulfilled yet. So we phrased a social critical and a bit ironic poster for them.

The torn piece of paper has been simulated with a hand torn piece of MDF. Check out the video to see the process.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Materica Gesso, 120g/m2
December 2017, edition of 1500 posters on a FAG Control 900

Common Water

Poster for a one day architectural conference in Zürich. Printed from lasercut chipboard and hand set metal type.

Format: 44x68cm
Paper: Plano Art, 120g/m2
October 2017, edition of 120 posters on a FAG Control 900

Light at the end of the tunnel

Concert program for Veka-Glarus.ch printed in 3 print runs from laser cut MDF and some handset 6pt and 36pt metal type.

A dark one, with a little light at the end of the tunnel. Printed on some very thin newsprint.

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Lettura 72, 60g/m2
September 2017, edition of 450 posters on a FAG Control 405

Lies, Money, Fraud, Sex, Drugs, Jesus

Letterpress printed poster for an art exhibition dealing with the process of illegal reproduction of famous paintings and the scandals that go together with it.

Printed in 6 print runs from lasercut wood blocks, traditional plastic poster type and metal type.

Format: 41.8×63.7cm
Paper: Puna 100g/m2
August 2017, edition of 250 posters on a FAG Control 900


Bügel Spez

Second letterpress printed poster for Brauerei Adler. (See the first one here). This one is celebrating their half liter flip top bottle.

The poster has been printed in a total of 9 printruns from hand cut linocuts, some metal type and photopolymer plates.

Format: 60x80cm
Paper: Materica Acqua 360g/m2
July 2017, edition of 100 posters on a FAG Control 900

Death to the print

2-sided promotional poster for www.typographic-summerprogram.ch printed in 4 print runs from pantograph cut wood type and metal type.

The lower case t’s or crucifixes have been traced from up upper case T’s, but just while tracing I moved the crossbar down. The posters have been printed on thin 70g/m2 paper, then folded and sent out as a promotion of the program.

Format: 55x88cm
Paper: Holmen Trend, 2.0, 70g/m2
February 2017, edition of 250 posters on a FAG Control 900

Mirror Maze

Concert program for Veka-Glarus.ch printed in 6 print runs from metal type and Ludlow slugs.

For this poster, I had the message «nie mehr gähnen» which means «no more yawning», but it could also be understood as «never yawn more». I wanted this poster to look like a mirror maze. So some parts of the poster are reversed, others are side correct. So I developed a technique to print a side correct image on the front and a flipped version of that same image on the back – simultaneously!

I first started by experimenting with plasic foils on the packing of the cylinder, then I later used a thin offset rubber blanket as a tympan sheet. Obviously, what I am doing here is indirect printing (basically a dry offset process), so an offset rubber blanket would work perfectly. I run the press without a sheet and print on my on the cylinder on my first run. This image is side correct, but then will be transferred as a reversed image on the back of my printing sheet. Then I basically just print on the front of the sheet. The ink that has been sitting on the rubber blanked, is by the pressure on the front being traced on the back of my sheet. So I have a front and back double-penetration print! Yeah.

To get the effect of the mirror maze, I printed some of the elements on the front side correct, some other elements on the back. Since these posters have been folded, it makes sense that you would have to flip the posters back and forth during the concert season of the program. Printed in 6 very slow print runs (remember, I had to doubleprint the cylinder with each run!).

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Tatami Natural, 115g/m2
January 2017, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 405

Things I keep telling myself

Personal manifesto for the limited edition my book «True Print». I tried to visualize my personal work policy as a piece of unreadable but yet understandable information graphic.

The whole diagram has been printed from 1 cicero lead reglets. The graphics are all from my studio archive of existing photo plates. All the large type has been hand cast from resin – watch the video!

Format: 59.4×84.1cm
Paper:  Puna, 100g/m2
October 2016, edition of 300 posters on a FAG Control 900

You can only buy this poster with the Limited Edition of «True Print» for now.

Sophie Hunger

Concert poster for a concert of Swiss artist Sophie Hunger in Lugano, Switzerland. The poster was printed with torn pieces of chipboard.

The so simulated rips in the paper should give the feeling of a poster that has been torn into pieces on a poster wall. The information below could be from a previous concert poster that is now revealed.

Format: 49.9×71.5cm
Paper:  Materica Gesso, 250g/m2
October 2016, edition of 93 posters on a FAG Control 900

Nie mehr schlafen

Concert program for Veka-Glarus.ch printed in 4 print runs. «Nie mehr schlafen» means «never sleep again» but it could also be translated as «never sleep more».

I wanted that poster to look light, dreamy, hovering like clouds. Printed from solid plastic blocks, hand cut linoleum and Ludlow slugs. Check out the video.

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough, 120g/m2
August 2016, edition of 450 posters on a FAG Control 405

No Cost Housing Conference

Letterpress printed poster for an architecture conference with the topic ‹No Cost Housing Conference›. The idea of cheap materials to build houses hast been reproduced with hand cut plywood.

The type used on this poster has been cast on the Ludlow type caster.

Format: 48x68cm
Paper: Puna, 100g/m2
April 2016, edition of 550 posters on a FAG Control 900


Poster celebrating the 100 years anniversary of Dada. Printed in a total of 10 print runs from hand cut linoleum and lead type. Is it still Dada or gaga already?

The used typeface is a scan of an existing set of wood type. I scaled it up an handcut it from linoleum. I also modified the “d” and the “g” so they would register perfectly. Dada melts into gaga. Haha.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Gmund Cotton, Linen Cream 300g/m2
March 2016, edition of 22 posters on a FAG Control 900

Party bomb

Concert program for Veka-Glarus.ch letterpress printed in one black print run on preprinted 4c offset prints.

The whole typographic layout has been hand cast on a Ludlow typecaster, then composed and locked up in this spread out layout. This lock up was crazy. The used typeface is Record Gothic, a typeface that only exists on the Ludlow casting system.

Photography by Peter Hauser.

Format: 48x68cm
Paper: Cyclus preprint weiss, 80g/m2
Offset: R+A Print, 4c offset preprinted
January 2016, edition of 1300 posters on a FAG Control 900


Invitation for a postersale event and open house at my printstudio in Näfels, GL. The German expression ‹Januar Loch› = ‹January Hole› describes the situation of being broke in January after the Holiday Season.

The circle shape printing block has been produced as a reduction lasercut. After each print I took the block and cut it smaller. After 5 hits with black, I overprinted the circleshape with some of my biggest 60 Cicer (=65Line) wood type.

The fact that I printed this poster in a total of 7 print runs in different shades of black gave that circleform quite some shiny surface. This also added some depth to the symbolized hole and gave it a nice tactile quality.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Tonzeichenpapier, Steingrau 120g/m2
December 2015, edition of 300 posters on a FAG Control 900

Es ist mir egal, aber…

Concert program for Veka-Glarus.ch printed from lasercut MDF boards and lead type. ‹Es ist mir egal, aber…› means ‹I don’t care, but…›. There is always something to criticize…

Each event has a title that says something like ‹…that’s not how I wanted it.› or ‹…thought it would be different.›. Then the specific concert information.

Format: 37×52.5cm
Paper: Olin Rough, high white 120g/m2
September 2015, edition of 450 posters on a FAG Control 405

Stuhl, Tisch, Regal

Poster series Stuhl (Chair), Tisch (Table), Regal (Shelf) for a young Swiss furniture maker. Three related posters corresponding to three of his main objects.

These three posters have been some of the most complicated production process I ever had for a poster project. Each poster took me 9–11 passes that had to be exactly in register and with exactly the same width and nuances of the splitfountains. The posters have been printed from lasercut MDF, traditional wood type and some lead type.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Materica Gesso 180g/m2
November 2015, edition of 50 posters of each on a FAG Control 900

Panix Perle

Letterpress printed poster celebrating a traditional Swiss beer bottle format. Although the 29cl bottle has been abandoned by many other breweries, Brauerei Adler a local and family owned brewery is still holding on to this format.

The basic idea behind this poster was, that their eagle symbol (which is their brand symbol – ‹Adler› means ‹Eagle›) is flying behind that bottle on the left side, but then wrapping around the bottle towards the center. Like it was hugging that bottle. The small bottom line says: ‹29cl is our traditional bottle format. Once it was a traditional Swiss beer size, it has nowadays been abandoned and replaced by many brewerys. Today our bottles are custom manufactured for our brewery.›

The poster has been printed in a total of 8 printruns from a hand cut linocut, some lead type and photopolymer plates. It took 1 solid hit of black, then 1 hit of silver plus 2 hits of gold to make the golden filling of the larger bottom type super shiny.

Format: 60x80cm
Paper: Materica Clay 360g/m2
August 2015, edition of 100 posters on a FAG Control 900


Poster announcing a Latin America Tour of a Swiss punkband. Printed from freshly pantograph-cut pear wood type. Watch the video!

The bandname ‹Überyou› is a weird language mix between German and English. The German word ‹Über› means ‹over›. So basically the poster could be translated as ‹Überyou goes overseas›. The splitfountain background and the black wood type has been inspired by the Argentinean letterpress printer Federico Cimatti (Prensa La Libertad) whose posterwork work very often has these nice and colourful gradients in the background overprinted with traditional (and some times beaten down) wood type.

But since in my poster I used brand new and precisely cut wood type on top, it has a very European/Swiss attitude to deal with these wild colours in the back. All the wood type on this poster has been traced and pantograph cut from original wood type blocks, to get the cleanest possible printing quality. So this poster is my attempt to combine the two styles: Argentinean and Swiss.

Format: 49.2×87.5cm
Paper: Munken Print Cream 150g/m2
2015, edition of 70 posters on a FAG Control 900


A small poster for a local open air art collaboration/exhibition, printed with traditional old wood type, metal type and some freshly cut wood type fragments.

 ‹Zwischensaison› could maybe be literally translated as ‹between the seasons›, so basically the program that runs during the summer break. The collaborative exhibition was meant to fill the gap between one season and the other. So typographically I worked with letter fragments that would border the space between. All the small fragments have been pantograph cut from steamed pearwood, using the original wood type as patterns to follow with the tracer.

Format: 28×48.5cm
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough 115g/m2
June 2015, edition of 250 posters on a FAG Control 405

Hello, I love you

Program poster for the concert venue Veka-Glarus. This poster has all been hand composed with wood type and lead type. It is printed in 19 hours (at a stretch) in 4 printruns in a row. It almost killed me. Haha.

I wanted to make a layout, that is flipped by 180° and would fill out the whole sheet as good as possible, but still keeping a good rhythm of filled an blank space. Since I only worked with handset physical type, I had to tweak that layout quite a bit so all the forms would be printable.

Also I needed to cut all the big letters on my pantograph, since I didn’t have enough of this font and also I needed to trim them down to typeset them closer. So normally I wouldn’t do this with old wood type – but with new cut type, this is not a problem. As I mentioned above, printing was quite a marathon since I was on a super short timeline with these ones…

Format: 47.6x66cm
Paper:  Magno Star Gloss, 135g/m2
January 2015, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 900

Serata Svizzera

‹Serata Svizzera› is Italian and means Swiss Night. Using red paper, a white cross and Helvetica Plakat wood type this is probably the most Swiss poster I could do…

For this concert poster for Studio Foce in Lugano (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) they wanted something ironically Swiss – since both bands are Swiss but their blues R’n’R music is so not. So we called that evening Swiss Night – ‹Serata Svizzera›. And that plus symbol that stands in the center of the poster of course also symbolises the Swiss flag.

The whole poster has been printed from old wood type and some freshly cut pear wood replacement characters. The plus symbol has also been cut from pear wood on the pantograph. The poster has been printed with 3 hits of opaque white in perfect registration, then one hit of red and a fourth hit was the black numbering of the edition on the back… Can you take so much Swissness?

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Kaskad Korallenrot 225g/m2
March 2015, edition of 96 posters on a FAG Control 900

Neither fish nor fowl (magazine)

‹Entweder Fisch noch Vogel› is a series of 9 letterpress printed linocut-illustrations that have been folded (but unbound) to an edition. The images seem to be stuck somewhere between the deep sea and the night sky.

Some of the creatures seem to be fishes with too big fins. Some of them almost look like birds, but still have some fish-like parts. The dark and wild backgrounds make it even harder to say if its just in the middle of the night or down in the deep sea.

First sketches have been made in the size of A5 (21 x 14.8cm). Then I photocopied and scaled them to A2 (59.4 x 42cm) to handcut them in lino. By scaling them up also the stroke thickness would became easier to cut. But since cutting with a linocut tool is exactly the oposite process than drawing with a pen (by cutting you take material away instead of adding lines with a pen), the illustrations got through an interesting visual transformation process.

Contrasting the hand cut aesthetics of the linocuts, the final editions have been letterpress printed on a very clean and smooth paper to get the best possible intense black printing quality. I showed one of the editions to an offset printer and he used his densitometer to measure the density of that black. He couldn’t believe that is was 300%! Haha! There you go Mr. Offset-Printmaker… All the editions have been numbered from 1–155.

Format: 59.2×41.5cm
Paper: Phoenixmotion Xantur 115g/m2
2011–2014, edition of 155 magazines on a FAG Control 900

Neither fish nor fowl (poster)

Invitation poster for the vernissage and one evening exhibition ‹Entweder Fisch noch Vogel› at Réunion gallery space in Zurich. Printed from a hand cut linocut and some handset lead type.

These posters have been printed on the same stock and in the same intense black quality as the magazines. To protect the surface when folded and mailed these posters have been offset covered with transperency resin after the two black letterpress printruns.

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Phoenixmotion Xantur 115g/m2
November 2014, edition of 400 posters on a FAG Control 405

Meine Plakate

‹Weil meine Kinder keine Plakate Fressen!› = ‹Because my kids don’t eat posters!›. Invitation for a postersale event and open house at my printstudio in Näfels, GL.

First thing you see is ‹meine Plakate› = ‹my posters›. When looking closer you can read the second message ‹Weil meine Kinder keine Plakate Fressen!› = ‹Because my kids don’t eat posters!›. So please come by and buy some posters or buy them online before I need to eat them! Right now! They might be gone tomorrow! Hahaha

Printed from wood type, lead type and some hand cut linoleum.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Tonzeichenpapier Steingrau 120g/m2
October 2014, edition of 300 posters on a FAG Control 900

Refrigerator Magnets

Program poster for Veka-Glarus printed in 4 printruns from refrigerator magnets and hand cast Ludlow slugs. I had to visit 7 different ‹Target’s› around Richmond VA, to get a total of 28 sets of refrigerator magnets!

The refrigerator magnets only come side correct, so I had to find a way to rotate and double up the letters, so the poster gets legible. We printed the magnets in 3 runs and doubled the some letters up into weird glyphs like the «NNN» in the word «Tunnel» (on the first line) or the triple «O’s» in the word «Orchestra» on line 4.

The magnets have been mounted with glue to a particle board and then run through a Miller Simplex 2 rotation press from the 1940ies. The last run with the small crooked type lines has been printed from handset and casted Ludlow typeslugs. Check out the production video.

We printed these posters at Benj. Franklin Printing Co. in Richmond, VA. Thanks alot the the pressman Paul Morris!

Format: 45.7×64.7cm
Paper: Recycling Cream 70g/m2
May 2014, edition of 500 posters on a Miller Simplex

Pie Town, Nashville TN

During my 2 weeks project at The Isle of Printing I worked with Bryce McCloud and his team on a city district anti-branding project. We want to brand the neighborhood, before we get branded by the government!

By anti-branding the pie shaped city district near downtown Nashville with weat pasted slices of pie, we wanted to name the neighbourhood before the government gets the chance to find a fancy name for the neighborhood.

I designed and printed pie slices for 1-1/2 weeks. The slices were printed from chipboard on a huge proof press. Then we went out to weat paste compositions of pie slices. The crew from The Isle of Printing is gonna continue to make bigger and bigger compositions of pie slices until they have to name the district «Pie Town»! Check out the news report video at the end of the images… haha. !

Thanks to Griffin Norman for the images!

Add “punch” to your printing…

…with Hamilton Wood Type! This poster is a reinterpretation of an old Hamilton Wood Type Catalog from 1949. Printed in an edition of 55 prints at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Musem in Two Rivers, WI.

During my 2 weeks residency at the Hamilton Wood Type and printing Museum in Two Rivers, WI (woodtype.org) I worked on a reinterpretation of an old advertisement saying: “Add punch to your printing with Hamilton wood type!”. Hamilton Wood Type MFG was the biggest wood type (=poster type) manufacturier in the world!

I gave that poster a hard punch from the right and from the left with this huge 120 pica (=1440 DTP points) wood tpy H’s. The posters have been printed in 7 colorruns on a showcard press and a Vandercook 320G. All from real physical wood type and metal type – no cuts or plastic shit on that one… Haha. The big H’s didn’t fit the biggest proof press they had at the museum, so I had to go on a showcard press for these two runs. Then another two runs for the smaller black H’s, two runs for the red type plus one run for the small red tagline. Puh, done!

A big thank you to Stephanie Carpenter and Jim Moran at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum!

You can buy these posters with the HWT-Museum shop.

Format: 48.3×72.7cm
Paper: Old pink paper stock 70g/m2
June 2014, edition of 55 posters on Vandercook Universal 320G

What the f… ?

During my trip to NYC I had several things happening where I just had to ask myself: «What the f…?». (Like when my 1984 Oldsmobile got stuck in the Holland Tunnel between Jersey City and Manhattan!). So I worked on a poster with the topic WTF?

I wanted to give this poster a lot of vibration and friction. Making your eyes dizzy so you ask yourself «What’s going on here?» or «WTF?». I cut this poster from one piece of lino. I had to be very exact on this one – because I really didn’t want to lose that effect of these parallel lines getting a little more 3d in the center and back to flat and parallel again.

I was hanging out and working at The Arm for two weeks ending my stay with a nice one evening exhibition we organized in collaboration with The Type Directors Club. Thanks so much to Dan Morris at The Arm for being so generous with everything and also to Nick Sherman for his help with organizing & promoting the exhibition!

Format: 44×60.5cm
Paper: Cardstock 250g/m2, 2nd edition on Invercote Albato 270g/m2
May 2014, first edition of 35 posters on a Vandercook Universal III
April 2016, 2nd edition of 50 posters on a FAG Control 900

Dead Ghosts

Invitation poster for the ‹Dead Ghosts› from Canada playing at the Casotto in Lugano. Printed in a total of 9 printruns on a Vandercook SP-25 at VCU in Richmond, VA.

The ghostly smoke/dust typeface was inspired by their actual typeface on their record cover, but has been modified quite a bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out who did the artwork on that record cover – so no credits for anonymus you, sorry.

Since the poster size was too big for the press, I had to split each colourrun into two printruns. So the upper part (Dead) and the lower part (Ghosts) has been printed in two separate printruns. That makes a total of 9 printruns for these 4 colour posters.

Printed from handcarved linoleum and handset lead type. Printed in the United States – then express sent to Switzerland to be hung up in Lugano!

Format: 52×77.5cm
Paper: Recycling Cream 70g/m2
March 2014, edition of 87 posters on a Vandercook SP-25

Lost and found

Questionmarks? Again? Sure thing. For the spring season poster for Veka-Glarus I worked with the topic of people asking for their lost, left behind and missing things. Lost and found!

Each concert event is formulated as a question asking about something that got lost at the last – or better upcoming – event. For example: ‹I lost my red cap with a soviet star at the Bajanski Bal concert. Did you find it?› – below the information about the upcoming Bajanski Bal concert. But also more abstract like: ‹After the last Futurerave I forgot the phone number of that very beautiful bartender. Could you please help me out?› or ‹Fai Baba stole my heart! Could I get it back?›.

All the questions and statements refer to the lost and found departement at Veka-Glarus, that is always filled with loads of stuff that’s been left behind. In the lower right corner of the poster comes the answer: ‹For all the lost and forgotten things please just visit us at any event. Our lost and found departement is always filled with surprises.›

For the small type I used the font Tempo in different sizes and styles. Each letter of the typeblocks has been handset with brass matrices and then each line is casted on a Ludlow linecaster from the 1950ies. See production video! The brand new casted type has been printed on a old Miller Simplex 2 Tour press from the 1930ies or 1940ies. That brand new type printed perfectly. The second run was a linocut from the questionmarks I first sketched out with a brush and indian ink…

I printed these posters at Benj. Franklin Printing Co. in Richmond, VA. Thanks alot the the pressman Paul Morris!

The posters have been folded like a map and 500 pieces have been sent out in envelopes from the States directly to the Swiss club members…

Format: 34.7×53.8cm
Paper: Recycling 70g/m2
January 2014, edition of 750 posters on a Miller Simplex Press

Why use wood…

…if chipboard is just as good? Workshop posters for my this years talk and 2 workshops at the Wayzgoose at Hamilton Wood Type Manufactury in Two Rivers, WS.

 Its kind of a provocation if you go to the in former times biggest wood type manufactury in the world and say ‹Why use wood if chipboard is just as good?›. The workshops I were concepted to be expermiments with chipboard as a cheap and ease alternative to wood cuts or other labour intense materials.

The question mark and the border were printed form chipboard, the smaller type is printed from wood type and lead type which is of course also an irony itself. Since the Vandercook SP25 is actually too small to print these sheet sizes, all the parts and also the layout had to be split up into an upper and a lower part. Thats why it required 6 printruns for the front page and another printrun for the backside of the posters.

Format: 59.4x83cm
Paper: Newsprint 62g/m2
October 2013, edition of 30 posters on a FAG Control 900

Schöne Scheisse

Concert poster for Veka-Glarus.ch printed in 3 printruns from hand cut MDF boards and metal type.

When you start reading the poster in the straight up orientation it reads ‹schöne› (dark brown letters), which translates as ‹beautiful›). Then you start reading the small black concert information. About at the fifth paragraph it says ‹flip the poster by 180 degrees›. Then you start reading the light brown letters say ‹Scheisse› (which translates as ‹shit›). In the Swiss german language this can be read in a positive way as ‹this is the shit!›. Or in a negative way like ‹What a piece of shit!›. Both possible. You decide. Printed in the shittiest brown tones on brown paper… haha.

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Sirio Color Bruno 115g/m2
August 2013, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 405

Tourismus- & Gesellschaftsfilme

550 letterpress printed posters for a movie screening of old tourism movies. This was part III of the Industrial movie project from 2012 and 2011. I used screenshots and made a total of 9 different layout versions.

I started with 3 different layout versions for the images. I printed about 180 of each version. Then I made 3 versions of the type block (with handset leadtype, linocuts and photopolymer logos) and I printed all three versions on every of the first three image-layous. 3×3 =9 ! So I could make a total of 9 different posterversions with just varying the positions of the images and the order of the information blocks.

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Chromolux 90g/m2
June 2013, edition of 550 posters on a FAG Control 405

Regen, Regen

550 letterpress printed program posters for Veka-Glarus. Printed in two black coulour runs from lead type and a handcut lino block.

Since the weather is always a good topic to talk about I came out of the closet on my second profession as a weather prophet. haha. I predicted rain, rain spring weather, rain, cloudy rain, rain and spring weather. I proved very successful for this period and bad weather is also a good reason to go out on concerts.

Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Munken Rough 100g/m2
April 2013, edition of 550 posters on a FAG Control 405

550 Jahre Glarner Schabziger

450 letterpress printed posters for a 550 years jubilee of a very smelly traditional Swiss cheese! You’ll love this cheese or totally hate it – there is not much more between that.

The whole design process started off by going through a very interesting archive of old magnesium photoplates of old promotional imagery and photos of old packagings. I definitely wanted to do something with these old packagings. Then I wanted to bring in the idea of an exposion of flavors. There is also a volcano fireworks in Switzerland, that is very often called ‹Zigerstöckli›, like the cheese. So we have the old packings, the explosion of flavours and also the imitation of that volcano fireworks, which all matches perfect to this jubilee!

Format: 64x88cm, series of 3 posters
Paper: Pop’Set Black 240g/m2
April 2013, edition of 450 posters on a FAG Control 900

Modular Linocut

600 letterpress printed program poster for Veka-Glarus. 9 geometric blocks have been cut and 5 different layout versions have been made with these blocks. Each layout has been printed in a different colour.

The shapes of the lino pieces have been designed to be as different as possible, still being able to position them in as many layout version as possible. I started with a very geometric layout grid and cut the pieces as exact as possible. Then in a second step I wanted to get away from that grid by designing each lino piece as trashy and with the aesthetics of «hand made».

So I have this very fix layout grid that allowed me to position each piece in many different positions on one side and these very trashy aesthetics on the other side… This gives that poster a very interesting mixture of a organized system and anarchy.

Format: 34.4×55.3cm
Paper: Sirio Color Celeste 115g/m2
January 2013, edition of 600 posters on a FAG Control 405

Space in 2013

350 letterpress printed new years posters for some architects. Its all about new forms of spaces and the spots where they gonna build something in 2013.

The whole design process was about creating 3d spaces with simple shapes and grayscale tones. I wanted to use the spaces between the letters – not just fill them with different grayscale tones, but also bring in the appearance of three dimensional spaces in between the letters. The shapes have been lasercut from an MDF block and the grayscale tones have been added by applying a different amount of pressure to the different parts of that printing block (pressure print).

These posters have been machine-folded and sent out to the architects clients.

Format: 34x51cm
Paper: Munken Pure Rough 100g/m2
December 2012, edition of 350 posters on a FAG Control 405

Lass ruhig die Sau raus

30 letterpress printed posters for a local anti vandalism campaign. ‹Lass ruhig die Sau raus!› stands for ‹Come on, get wild!› – but please on the dancefloor… If you translate it literally it would mean something like ‹Let the pig inside of you out›. haha

The large type has been handcut from chipboard to give it some trashy, wild handwritten aestetics with lots of distress. Its printed with to few ink and pressure so you could see the rough surface of the cardboard on that print. Then the clean smaller copy is some much more serious information about the problems with local vandalism.

Format: 50x70cm
Paper:  Rainbow violett, 160g/m2
November 2012, edition of 30 posters on a FAG Control 900

Definitiv Herbst!

500 letterpress posters for the program of veka-glarus.ch. Printed in 6 colourruns from lino-triangles and traditional lead type.

The concept was to make a geometric arrangement that seems to start to fall apart. Like the leafs that start to fall from the trees. For the paper I took this very old craft paper from an old typefoundry (they used to wrap up type with this paper!). The colour mood was very important with that poster.

These posters have been machine-folded and sent out to the club members.

Format: 37.5×55.6cm
Paper: 40 years old craft paper
September 2012, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 405

Kauft Bücher, Affen–

A series of 3 letterpress posters for a popup bookstore at the ‹100 most beautiful Swiss books›-exhibition. Over three days there was every day a new poster hung up at the exhibition – to get the final message: Buy books, monkeys…

The poster was designed in a series that would complete with every day over three days. The first message was: ‹Who buys at this heat?› – with the main message ‹BUY!›. The second message was: ‹Who buys monkeys, at this heat?› – with the main message ‹BUY MONKEYS!›. The third message was: ‹Who buys books, at this monkey heat?(*)› – with the main message ‹BUY BOOKS, MONKEYS!› (*) The translation of ‹Affen-Hitze› (monkey heat, haha) would be: ‹…at this scorching heat!›

These posters were meant to provocate the visitors to get them not only to watch the beautiful books, but also to buy them. The exhibition was taking place during a very hot week in july. They were all printed from handcut chipboard and lead type.

Format: 70x100cm
Paper: Rainbow hellgelb 80g/m2
July 2012, edition of 89 posters on a FAG Control 900

Endless Spiral

500 letterpress posters for the program of veka-glarus.ch . All handset wood and leadtype. All good old and slow hand work. No computerized highspeed shit. haha

The concept was to have a repetition of the content in different sizes to give the impression of flipping, rotating and scaling. Rhythmic like music, like a stack of postcards lying on the floor. Like an endless spiral.

The whole format and proportions of that poster came from the large wood type border. The length of that wood type string going one time around the whole poster gave the perimeter. Another important point was the maximum printing form size of my small ‹FAG Control 405›. If I had ONE more letter in my string, I had to go on a bigger press. So the proportion of the length and the width of that poster was given by the pressbed dimensions.

This might sound very technical and print-nerdy, but the important point is that with that poster, alot of the decisions for my design came from technical limitations. That was the very interesting point for this work. If I did that whole design digitally, I could have made hundreds of different versions and the design might have been a bit to much reduced for its production. But since I designed and produced that poster completely analog, that design was very much limited and affected by its tools and its process.

Format: 37.4×55.8cm
Paper: Popset, spring green 90g/m2
May 2012, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 405

Industrie- & Gewerbefilme

Follow up project for last years ‹Industriefilme› poster. For this poster I used screenshots from the actual industrial- and crafts-movies from the 1940ies and 1960ies.

The large and black letters symbolize the heavy industrial construction in the shown movie about a village building a hydro-electric power plant in the 1960ies. On the other hand there is these colourful images, that symbolize the craftswork of some established shops in that same village in the 1940ies.

This poster should have a connection with the older project ‹Industriefilme›, so i kept this idea of that dense typography on the poster. But this time it was not the repetition of industrial production, but more the industrial construction and small shops-businesses. Last time I used black shiny Chromolux paper. This time the black paper seemed too heavy so I used a white shiny shiny Chromolux paper.

I printed 519 of these posters in three colourruns. 450 on thin 80g/m2 paper to be foldet down and sent out and 50 on thicker 250g/m2 Chromolux paper.

Format: 25.5x56cm
Paper: Chromolux Superweiss 80g/m2 / 250g/m2
April 2012, edition of 519 posters on a FAG Control 900 and FAG Control 405

Alles verschoben und abgesagt!

Everything canceled and rescheduled — 400 letterpress posters for the program of veka-glarus.ch . Unfortunately all shows had to be canceled on that poster. But there was a pretty good alternative program…

The «canceled» shows have been crossed out and in the sidenote there is a fake reason like «rescheduled» or «too expensive» and the information about the alternative event. This poster was my reaction of some shows have being canceled on the last progra from fall 2011.

Printed in 3 colourruns from handcut linoleum and leadtype. I took this bold modern style typeface to cut from linoleum. I liked the fact that since it was very hard to cut, that typeface got very interesting characteristics. From quite a distance it looks like a perfect cut. If you get closer you can see some nice imperfections.

Format: 34x56cm
Paper: Rainbow hellgelb 120g/m2
January 2012, edition of 400 posters on a FAG Control 405

Hot cut

49 letterpress posters for my participation with the ‹Vista Sans Wood Type Project›. All participants got 5 CNC cut letters (t-o-u-c-h) from the Vista Sans typeface in wood. Each letter was from a different sort of wood and we were asked to design and print a poster for that Vista Sans typeface.

I wanted to make a connection between the process of producing/cutting new type and my poster. So I thought about words I could use on that poster that would fit this topic. Which words are possible with using just the letters «t o u c h». Since it was only a short run of posters, I could also use some letters twice or more times. Or flip them around to make a «n» with the «u» or even a «y» with the «h». So I thought about short words like: hot, you, not, cut, toy, cnc…

I got stuck with the words «hot» and «cut». This is something only type-nerds would say to each others: «Hey, did you see that very hot cut of that Vista Sans?» or «These legs of that capital R of that CNC-cut Vista Sans are veeeeery hot!» haha

I symbolized the idea of cutting fresh type by cutting down my brand new typeblocks with a handsaw. I printed the words «hot» and «cut» three times each always cutting the type down between each run. After these 6 colourruns of type I locked some brasslines and printed them on top with another three runs of red. Finally I numbered them what gives this poster the last colourrun (number 10!).

For more information about that project and exhibition dates, please visit the Vista Sans Wood Type Project Website.

Format: 44x72cm
Paper: 240g/m2
January 2012, edition of 49 posters on a FAG Control 900

Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica

120 letterpress posters for an italian band called ‹le luci della centrale elettrica› means ‹the lights of the electric power company›. Printed in two colourruns from two MDF woodblocks and some adhesive stickers.

I wanted this poster to look flashy and fresh, but still suit an italian folk (not electro! haha) band! It just had to have a certain electricity, without getting too much techno! So I used that light 4c splitfountain to cover all the background. Then I used adhesive stickers on the second MDF block, that was just a bit smaller than the first one. By using adhesive stickers for the type, the edges of the letters start just flashing like lights flashing at night. By using several layers of adhesive stickers, I added kind of a shaking movement of someone touching electricity.

I left the background splitfountain a bit bigger to get this flashy frame around the whole poster. So this poster will probably do its job on every posterwall, no matter what kind of flashy stuff you stick it on, it will always set itself apart.

Design in collaboration with Damiano Merzari.(randoms.ch)

Format: 50x80cm
Paper: Munken Print Cream 80g/m2
December 2011, edition of 120 posters on a FAG Control 900

Heute Metzgete

50 letterpress posters from two large handcut linoblocks. Printed in two splitfountain sausage colourruns on my ‹FAG Control 900›. This poster is for meatlovers and other fetishists! Yeah!

I was asked to do a poster for the Designomat-Kiosk in Zürich. So I asked myself what kind of poster someone would buy to hang up at home? I came up with the idea of a kitchenposter. So this poster is really eitherway to hang up in your kitchen, or for fetishists to hang up in the bedroom…

Cut like little sausagepieces from a solid linoblock and printed with the most meaty colours I could ever mix.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Newsprint 48g/m2 / Munken Print Cream 240g/m2
First edition: November 2011, 50 posters on a FAG Control 900
Second edition: June 2015, 50 posters on a FAG Control 900

Voodoo Rhythm Dance Night

160 letterpress posters from conventional wood and leadtype. Printed in 4 colourruns on my ‹FAG Control 900›. Who wouln’t dance on that evening, if these letters on the poster shake their bones that wild…?

I did most of the design process analog by proofing the type I wanted to use, then waxcoat it, cut it, layout it and finally typeset it from that maquette. This time I did a bit more extensive video to document that whole process.

I made 3 colour versions plus one black printed special edition on thick red paper (not documented here, ask if you’re interested…). I made something like 90 black black posters, 20 green/black posters, 20 red/black posters and 20 of these black on red thick paper.

Format: 50x80cm
Paper: Newsprint 48g/m2
October 2011, edition of 160 posters on a FAG Control 900


3c letterpress posters for the program of veka-glarus.ch . To symbolize the autumn weather, I used some old magnesium plates of watering pots that I got from an old printmaker. The type is all handset from wood- and leadtype

This was quite a complex typesetting job from the aspect of color-separation and positioning. The larger woodtype letters that go on top of the old watering pots and the small type next to each watering pot where on the same printing form. Since the large type is aranged loosely but the small type lies in an exact layout grid it was really a lot of work to bring both into the same printing form…

Format: 38x58cm
Paper: LuxoArt Silk 115g/m2
September 2011, edition of 500 posters each on a FAG Control 405

SF Musicnight 5–8

2nd serie of 4 small editions of pretty large (64cm x 88cm) letterpress posters. I did around 20 posters each for a musicprogram on Swiss Television. They are printed in 2–10 colourruns from handcut cardboard and lead type.

Like the first series (1–4) I had to be efficient with producing these posters.  So all the big type was hand cut from chipboard. The bottom line is handset lead type.

2nd serie of 4 small editions of pretty large (64cm x 88cm) letterpress posters. I did around 20 posters each for a musicprogram on Swiss Television. They are printed in 2–10colourruns from handcut cardboard and leadtype.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Pop’Set 240g/m2
September 2011, edition of 20 posters each on a FAG Control 900

Print Pong

4c letterpress posters for a printingworkshop held at Kunsthaus Glarus with 7 other graphic desingers. Printed from cardboard-, lead- and woodtype and a real ping pong net. Design- & printworks in collaboration with Jonas Wandeler.

In that workshop, 4 designer- & printmaker-teams (2 persons each) are gonna collaborate by turns on some letterpress posters. Each teamplayer alternately designs and prints one colour of the poster. Like playing ping pong – just with a printing press…
These invitation posters for that event have been folded and sent out to invite people for that live printing and poster selling event on september 17, 2011 at Kunsthaus Glarus.

Format: 37x57cm
Paper: Chromolux 700 80g/m2
August 2011, edition of 250 posters on FAG Control 405

SF Musicnight 1–4

4 small editions of pretty large (64cm x 88cm) letterpress posters. I did around 20 posters each for a musicprogram on Swiss Television. They are printed 2–7 colours from wood- and leadtype and handcut cardboard.

The client asked me if I can print a poster for each months bands playing an acoustic set in their little trailer wagon underneath a bridge. I designed these posters to be produced as efficient as possible. All the big type was handcut from chipboard, since they only needed tiny editions.

These posters have been used in the clips of the bands playing. Each one had it’s 2 seconds of fame, haha. Unfortunately the clips are not online anymore.

Format: 64x88cm
Paper: Falkenkarton 240g/m2
August 2011, edition of 20 posters each on a FAG Control 900


5 colour letterpress posters for an industrial movie project. Printed white on a thin shiny black Chromolux paper. Wrapped with a perforated thicker black Chromolux sheet.

The repetition of the letters ‹IIIIINNNNNNDDDDUUUUSTRIIIIIEEEEFFIILLLLLLLMMEEE› is meant to show the rhythm and repetition of an industrial production. The flashy colours if the horizontal and vertical strings symbolize of strings in a textile weaving.

The posters have been printed 3 times white, then with the rest of the four colours. All printed on my ‹FAG Control 405› from lasercut plexiglas and photopolymer plates.

Format: 32×49.5cm
Paper: Chromolux Black 80g/m2
April 2011, edition of 412 posters on a FAG Control 405

Old newspaper

10 different versions of a total of 600 posters for the 5 year jubilee of Veka-Glarus. Each poster is printed on origial 50 years old newspaper and has a random coloured sticker on it. The type on these posters is quick-handcut from cardboard which gives it that rough look with alot of distress.

The content in the background is like a fake-statistic of what happened at the club during the last 5 years. For example: ‹5000000000 x 3dl Adlerbräu› means ‹500000000 plasticcups of beer have been drunken›. Or ‹5ø Jahre älter› means ‹5 or maybe felt 50 years older›.

Overlapping that rough printed black type there is a random neon coloured sticker with the actual club program. The posters have been folded and every member would get just one random poster. The full serie has been hung up at the club.

Printed with the assistance of: Lea Kunz & Thomas Baumgartner.
Format: 34x48cm
Paper: Old Newspapers form 1961, 62g/m2
April 2011, edition of 600 posters on a FAG Control 405 and Frontex Stop Cylinder


For the ‹Italian design is comin home – to Switzerland› project I was invited to do a poster each in collaboration with Marco Nicotra. We decided to use the Google-Maps-Route from Zürich to Milano and each would design and layout the information in his style.

I wanted this poster to change its look from distance to closeup. So I started with the Zürich–Milano typeblock. From distance, that black heavy block is all you can see. Zürich looks a bit oldfashioned with that blackletter typeface. Milano a little fresher with that geometric gothics. But still both are black and nothing special. Just if you get closer you can see that in between Zurich and Milano there is something happening. Like little neon sparks that show the friction between Zürich and Milano…

For the printing I used lasercut plexiglas for Zurich Milano to get the print as clean as possible. I also used that very very shiny Favini Paper from Italy (Many thanks to Favini for that nice paper!). This made my print even cleaner! The small typelines are handset leadtype from a 7 point Helvetica.

Design co-project with: Marco Nicotra (daltoniko.com)

Printing assistance: Thomas Baumgartner
Format: 50x70cm
Paper: Favini Super Gloss 160g/m2
March 2011, edition of 110 posters on a FAG Control 900


3c letterpress posters for a one day/night poster workshop with 13 international poster designers. Printed from cardboard strips cut and brought to typeheight, lead- and photopolymertype. Design- & printworks in collaboration with Jonas Wandeler.

Since in that workshop the designers are gonna work with cardboard as a main material to produce the letterpress printing blocks, we also wanted to use cardboard. So the first print was from cardboard strips brought to typeheight. The secont print was leadype set into the lowered cardboard strips. the third print was from photopolymer letters. These posters have been folded and sent out to invite people for the vernissage of that workshop on march 12, 2011.

Design & Print collaboration: Jonas Wandeler (jonaswandeler.ch)
Printing assistance: Matias Kuchen

Format: 37x57cm
Paper: Munken Print Cream 90g/m2
January 2011, edition of 250 posters on a FAG Control 900

Dark, glossy winter

1c letterpress posters for the monthly program for veka-glarus.ch. Printed on an offset preprinted photo I took with an analog camera. The whole type was handset with wood- and leadtype.

The offset printer warned me, that I couldn’t get enough contrast by overprinting that offset print, since I already had a lot of saturation especially in that upper left corner. They didn’t realize that 100% offset black has nothing to do with that huge amount of shiny black black ink I applied on that poster with my letterpress print! haha.

From the aspect of design I wanted that winterprogramm to look dark and cold on one hand, but also glossy and very clean on the other hand. These large posters have been folded and sent out to the club members.

Format: 49x74cm
Paper: LuxoArt Silk 115g/m2
December 2010, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 900

My life between

600 2colour splitfountain posters, 10’000 2c cards, 500 magazines and some tickets. All letterpress printed. A huge project with alot of printing on different printing presses. Watch the video at the end of the images to see how complex that project was…

This was a project for a theatric art performance in Basel. I used halftone photowplates and put the type with cut adhesive foil on top of them. So the poster, the frontside of the card and the first page of the magazine is a one colour splitfountain print with type and image.

I printed 600 1c posters (333mm x 555mm)on my ‹FAG Control 405›. Then I printed the frontside of 10’000 cards on my ‹FAG Control 405› with 6 cards on one printing sheet. After the frontside was printed with a splitfountain, I trimmed them down an printed the backside on an automatic heidelberg platen. Wooow, that was high speed printing fun! Finally, I printed the magazines two pages per printing sheet on my large ‹FAG Control 900›. Ah, and I forgot about the tickets… I also printed them on my ‹FAG Control 405›.

All prints have been made from photopolymer plates plus sometimes adhesive foil.

Poster: 33.3×55.5cm, edition of 600 on a FAG Control 405
Magazines: 21x35cm, edition of 100 on a FAG Control 900
Cards: 12.7×21.5cm, edition of 10’000 on a FAG Control 405 and Heidelberg Platen
Tickets: 14.7×2.1cm, edition of 800
Paper: Rainbow Lachs 80g/m2 / 230g/m2
October 2010

And, and, and

2c letterpress posters for the monthly program for veka-glarus.ch. The whole poster has been typeset from wood- and leadtype – that was alot of work.

Printed on a very very thin 40g/m2 paper and folded three times to pocketsize. I also printed a second serie of 50 posters on thick paper to be hung up around the club.

Format: 18x56cm
Paper: Plano Pak 40g/m2 / 250g/m2
September 2010, edition of 600 posters on a FAG Control 405

Schwarze Jungfernfahrt

1c letterpress posters for the naming ceremony for my new ‹FAG Control 900›. The black maiden voyage of my press is symbolised by a gradation from top to the bottom of a black woodblock. Printed from leadtype, mdf-block and photopolymer plates on a thin rose/skin paper.

The envelopes have been printed with leadtype and a photopolymer plate of my new press — Hopefully the naming ceremony is gonna end up luckily and the bottle of champagne is gonna break…

Format: 61x80cm
Paper: Plano Color 80g/m2
March 2010, edition of 120 posters on a FAG Control 900

The Pussywarmers

2c letterpress posters for the Pussywarmers. I used extracts from Pussywarmers lyrics to layout them like cheap newspaper ads using just one font in two weights. By giving the lyrics a new context, they lead to interesting new associations.

These merchandise posters don’t have a specific show date. The Pussywarmers just asked me to do a poster for them to sell after the concerts. Everything is printed from photopolymer plates exept for the number and the tagline printed from leadtype.

Format: 53x88cm
Paper: Plano Color 80g/m2
April 2010, edition of 120 posters on a FAG Control 900

As bad as it gets

8c letterpress magazines for the monthly program for veka-glarus.ch using photopolymer plates. I used the maximum size of my photopolymer processor for these plates (25cm x 35cm). Two sheets, each double-sided and two colours. For those 400 magazines, I pulled more than 3200 impressions.

 For the design, I started off by drawing two pixelfonts called ‹Tele› & ‹Tele Headline› – adopted to teletext fonts. The whole magazine has that sort of 8-Bit teletext aesthetics. I always used one colour plus black plus white on each sheet, trying to get as much diversity as possible from each page to the other.

Format: 48x34cm, folded to 24x34cm
Paper: Recy-Star 70g/m2
January 2010, edition of 400 magazines on a FAG Control 405

The Monsters

2c letterpress posters for a concert of the Swiss punk trash legends ‹The Monsters› at veka-glarus.ch . Two reversed 2c splitfountain prints. Printed from lasercut linoleum and some old magnesium plates I got from a printmaker.

About two years ago I got 500 small photoplates of carneval masks and faces. I always thought of printing a poster with them. Finally I did it… haha. I printed about 30 prints on newsprint 50g/m2, another 15 on munken 160g/m2. Printed on a Vandercook Uni IV. The first edition of 50 posters has been sold out in 2010, so I printed a second edition of 100 posters in 2011.

Format: 57x82cm
Paper:  Munken Print Cream, 160g/m2
December 2009, edition of 50 posters on a Vandercook Uni IV
Januar 2011, 2nd edition of 100 posters on a FAG Control 900


2c letterpress posters for the monthly program for www.veka-glarus.ch. I drew the whole poster on a plywood plate. The impression of the pen was deep enough to print some 500 copies.

The first Print was a neon-green lino cut of the highlighted letters. The second print was the plywood plate. I used a glossy paper to give that rough print a very smooth and clean surface. Printed on my ‹FAG Control 405›.

I also printed the same poster just in black on a large vandercook uni IV. 47cm x 79cm!

Format: 32x55cm / 47x79cm
Paper: Mega Gloss 80g/m2
October 2009, edition of 500 posters on a FAG Control 405

Into the night

2c letterpress poster for a cd release. Printed glossy black on matt black from lasercut MDF woodblocks. Bon Jovi did it ‹BACK to BACK› with Richie Sambora! Dryconditions do it ‹BLACK on BLACK›… Haha

The first block was a massive mdf woodblock. On one side I put some paper underneath the block to get an uneven impression. This gives me that weird gradation on the first print. After I let them dry for about 12hours, I powdered them to take off the gloss on that first print. Then I printed the black typography which now appears glossy on the matt background. Yes!

Format: 40x65cm
Paper: Newsprint 50g/m2
March 2009, edition of 50 posters on a Schneider Proof Press

Soul Rabbi

3c purple letterpress posters for a new year’s party at veka-glarus.ch. Printed from MDF and plywood blocks. Since it was not possible to print anyway, the overlapping of the letters was completely faked.

The first print was a full block MDF plate. The second was the type including the overlapping. The third print was just the overlapping parts. I printed the first colour with less pressure, then added a little more pressure and ink for the second and the third print.

Format: 40x70cm
Paper: Munken 120g/m2
December 2008, edition of 100 posters on a Schneider Proof Press