My life between

600 2colour splitfountain posters, 10’000 2c cards, 500 magazines and some tickets. All letterpress printed. A huge project with alot of printing on different printing presses. Watch the video at the end of the images to see how complex that project was…

This was a project for a theatric art performance in Basel. I used halftone photoplates and put the type with cut adhesive foil on top of them. So the poster, the frontside of the card and the first page of the magazine is a one colour splitfountain print with type and image.

Client: Kulturist GmbH + Cornelia Huber, Basel
Format: 33.3×55.5cm
Paper: Rainbow Lachs, 80g/m2 and 230g/m2
Edition: 600 posters on a FAG Control 405
February 2018