Into the night

2c letterpress poster for a cd release. Printed glossy black on matt black from lasercut MDF woodblocks. Bon Jovi did it ‹BACK to BACK› with Richie Sambora! Dryconditions do it ‹BLACK on BLACK›… Haha

The first block was a massive mdf woodblock. On one side I put some paper underneath the block to get an uneven impression. This gives me that weird gradation on the first print. After I let them dry for about 12hours, I powdered them to take off the gloss on that first print. Then I printed the black typography which now appears glossy on the matte background. Yes!

Client: Dry Conditions, Zürich
Format: 40×65cm
Paper: Newsprint, 62g/m2
Edition: 50 posters on a Schneider Proof Press0
March 2009