Space in 2013

350 letterpress printed new years posters for some architects. Its all about new forms of spaces and the spots where they gonna build something in 2013.

The whole design process was about creating 3d spaces with simple shapes and grayscale tones. I wanted to use the spaces between the letters – not just fill them with different grayscale tones, but also bring in the appearance of three dimensional spaces in between the letters. The shapes have been lasercut from an MDF block and the grayscale tones have been added by applying a different amount of pressure to the different parts of that printing block (pressure print).

Client: Fuchsbau Architekten, Näfels
Format: 34×51cm
Paper: Munken Pure Rough, 100g/m2
Edition: 350 posters on a FAG Control 405
December 2012