Add “punch” to your printing…

Add “punch” to your printing with Hamilton Wood Type! This poster is a reinterpretation of an old Hamilton Wood Type Catalog from 1949. Printed in an edition of 55 prints at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Musem in Two Rivers, WI.

I gave that poster a hard punch from the right and from the left with this huge 120 pica (=1440 DTP points) wood typy H’s. The posters have been printed in 7 colorruns on a showcard press and a Vandercook 320G. All from real physical wood type and metal type – no cuts or plastic shit on that one… Haha.

Client: Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, Two Rivers, WI
Format: 48.3×72.7cm
Paper: Old pinkt paper stock, 70g/m2
Edition: 55 posters on a Vandercook Universal 320G
June 2014