Letterpress printed poster for an architecture conference with the topic ‹Daylight›. Printed in two versions (A1 and A0 format) with laser-cut MDF and hand-set metal and wood type.

And if you’re a production nerd like me: check out the gradients in the video and how they’re printed against the printing direction! They’re made in two steps: Inking in the roller direction, then printing in a 90° rotation. Yes yes, we know all the magic!

Client: Prof. Hubert Klumpner, Prof. Dr. Arno Schlütter, ETH Zürich, Zürich
Format: A1 59.4×84.1cm
Format: A0 84.1×118.9cm
Paper: Surbalin, tiefschwarz, 115g/m2
Edition: 200×A1 and 55×A0
June 2023