3c letterpress posters for the program of veka-glarus.ch . To symbolize the autumn weather, I used some old magnesium plates of watering pots that I got from an old printmaker. The type is all handset from wood- and leadtype

This was quite a complex typesetting job from the aspect of color separation and positioning. The larger woodtype letters that go on top of the old watering pots and the small type next to each watering pot where on the same printing form. Since the large type is aranged loosely but the small type lies in an exact layout grid it was really a lot of work to bring both into the same printing form…

Client: Veka-Glarus, Glarus
Format: 38×58cm
Paper: LuxoArt Silk, 115g/m2
Edition: 500 posters on a FAG Control 405
September 2011