Heute Metzgete

50 letterpress posters from two large handcut linoblocks. Printed in two splitfountain sausage colourruns on my ‹FAG Control 900›. This poster is for meatlovers and other fetishists! Yeah!

Freshly cut from a block of linoleum. Butchered sausage typography in all meaty colors. Blood sausage, liver sausage, snout, wiener sausage, bacon, bratwurst, tail, tongue, ham, shank, little sauerkraut, very very few potatoes.

Client: Designkiosk/Designomat, Zürich
Format: 64×88cm
Paper: Newsprint, 48g/m2 / Munken Print Cream 240g/m2
Edition: 50 posters on a FAG Control 900, November 2011
2nd Edition: 55 posters on a FAG Control 900, June 2015
3rd Edition: 69 posters on a FAG Control 900, July 2019