5 colour letterpress printed posters for an industrial movie project. Printed white on a thin shiny black Chromolux paper. Wrapped with a perforated thicker black Chromolux sheet.

The repetition of the letters ‹I-I-I-N-N-N-D-D-U-…» is meant to show the rhythm and repetition of an industrial production. The flashy colours if the horizontal and vertical strings symbolize of strings in a textile weaving.

The posters have been printed 3 times white, then with the rest of the four colours. All printed from lasercut plexiglas and photopolymer plates.

Client: Verein Glarner Industrieweg, Glarus
Format: 32×49.5cm
Paper: Chromolux Black, 80g/m2
Edition: 412 posters on a FAG Control 405
April 2011