Kauft Bücher, Affen–

A series of 3 letterpress posters for a popup bookstore at the ‹100 most beautiful Swiss books›-exhibition. Over three days, every day a new poster got hung up.

The first message was: ‹Who buys at this heat?› – with the main message ‹Buy!›. The second message was: ‹Who buys monkeys, at this heat?› – with the main message ‹Buy monkeys!›. The third message was: ‹Who buys books, at this monkey heat?›* – with the main message ‹Buy books, monkeys!› *The translation of ‹Affen-Hitze› (monkey heat, haha) would be: ‹…at this scorching heat!›

Client: 100 Schönste Schweizer Bücher
Format: 70×100cm
Paper: Rainbow hellgelb, 80g/m2
Edition: 89 posters on a FAG Control 900
July 2012