Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica

120 letterpress posters for an italian band called ‹le luci della centrale elettrica› means ‹the lights of the electric power company›. Printed in two colourruns from two MDF woodblocks and some adhesive stickers.

I wanted this poster to look flashy and fresh, but still suit an italian folk (not electro! haha) band! It just had to have a certain electricity, without getting too much techno! So I used that light 4c splitfountain to cover all the background. Then I used adhesive stickers on the second MDF block, that was just a bit smaller than the first one. By using adhesive stickers for the type, the edges of the letters start just flashing like lights flashing at night. By using several layers of adhesive stickers, I added kind of a shaking movement of someone touching electricity.

Client: Studio Foce, Lugano
Format: 50×80cm
Paper: Munken Print Cream, 80g/m2
Edition: 120 posters on a FAG Control 900
December 2011