Lost and found

Concert season program for Veka-Glarus, that I worked with the topic of people asking for their lost, left behind and missing things.

Each concert event is sentenced as a question asking about something that got lost at the last –or better upcoming– event. For example: ‹I lost my red cap with a soviet star at the Bajanski Bal concert. Did you find it?› – below the information about the upcoming Bajanski Bal concert. But also more abstract like: ‹After the last Futurerave I forgot the phone number of that very beautiful bartender. Could you please help me out?› or ‹Fai Baba stole my heart! Could I get it back?›.

Client: Veka-Glarus, Glarus
Format: 34.7×53.8cm
Paper: Recycling 70g/m2
Edition: 750 posters on a Miller Simplex Press
(Operated by Paul Morris at Benjamin Franklin Printing, Richmond VA)
January 2014