Mirror Maze

Concert program for Veka-Glarus.ch printed in 6 print runs from metal type and Ludlow slugs.

For this poster, I had the message «nie mehr gähnen» which means «no more yawning», but it could also be understood as «never yawn more». I wanted this poster to look like a mirror maze. So some parts of the poster are reversed, others are side correct. So I developed a technique to print a side correct image on the front and a flipped version of that same image on the back – simultaneously!
Check out the video to see the process of how I modified the press to produce this poster.

Client: Veka-Glarus, Glarus
Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Tatami Natural, 115g/m2
Edition: 500 posters on a FAG Control 405
Januar 2017