3c letterpress posters for a one night poster workshop with 13 international poster designers. Printed from vertical chipboard strips, lead- and photopolymer type. Design- & printworks in collaboration with Jonas Wandeler.

Since in that workshop the designers were working with chipboard as a main material to produce the letterpress printing blocks, we also wanted to use chipboard. So the first print was from chipboard strips brought to typeheight. The second print was lead type set into the lowered cardboard strips. the third print was from photopolymer letters.

In 2018, this poster has been stolen and produced as an Iphone case!


Client: Veka-Glarus, Glarus
Format: 37×57cm
Paper: Munken Print Cream, 90g/m2
Edition: 250 posters on a FAG Control 405
January 2011