Refrigerator Magnets

Program poster for Veka-Glarus printed in 4 printruns from refrigerator magnets and hand cast Ludlow slugs. I had to visit 7 different Target Stores around Richmond to get a total of 28 sets of refrigerator magnets!

The magnetic letters only come side correct, so I had to find a way to rotate and deal with the reversed letters. We printed the magnets in 3 runs and doubled the some letters up into weird glyphs like the «NNN» on the first line or the triple «O’s» on line 4.

Client: Veka-Glarus, Glarus
Format: 45.7×64.7cm
Paper: Recycling Cream 70g/m2
Edition: 500 posters on a Miller Simplex
(Operated by Paul Morris at Benjamin Franklin Printing, Richmond VA)
May 2014