Tourismus- & Gesellschaftsfilme

550 letterpress printed posters for a movie screening of old tourism movies. This was part III of the Industrial movie project from 2012 and 2011. I used screenshots and made a total of 9 different layout versions.

I started with 3 different layout versions for the images. I printed about 180 of each version. Then I made 3 versions of the type block (with handset leadtype, linocuts and photopolymer logos) and I printed all three versions on every of the first three image-layous. 3×3 =9 ! So I could make a total of 9 different posterversions with just varying the positions of the images and the order of the information blocks.

Client: Verein Glarner Industrieweg, Glarus
Format: 35×52.5cm
Paper: Chromolux, 90g/m2
Edition: 550 posters on a FAG Control 405
February 2018