Hot cut

My participation with the ‹Vista Sans Wood Type Project›. All participants got 5 CNC cut letters (t-o-u-c-h) from the Vista Sans typeface in wood. Each letter was from a different sort of wood and we were asked to design and print a poster for that Vista Sans typeface.

I wanted to make a connection between the process of producing/cutting new type and my poster. So I thought about words I could use on that poster that would fit this topic. Which words are possible with using just the letters «t o u c h». Since it was only a short run of posters, I could also use some letters twice or more times. Or flip them around to make a «n» with the «u» or even a «y» with the «h». So I thought about short words like: hot, you, not, cut, toy, cnc… I got stuck with the words «hot» and «cut».

Client: Vista Sans Wood Type Project
Format: 44×72cm
Paper: 240g/m2
Edition: 49 posters on a FAG Control 900
January 2012